NSW Climate Change Council "Impartial?"

Ben Cubby, in the Alarmist Propaganda Paper - Sydney Morning Herald

Minister Robyn Parker

Minister ignored expert climate panel

NSW Environment Minister Robyn Parker has not met the state's climate change council - a group set up to advise the government - for more than a year, despite repeated pleas during the recent heatwaves and floods.

He goes on to say that the climate change council was set up in 2008 to provide "impartial" advice....


A look at the members shows us just how "impartial" their advice will be:

NSW Climate Change Council members' biographies

Chairman Martijn Wilder is, inter alia 
Chair of the NSW Climate Change Council, Director of the Australian Carbon Trust, Adjunct Professor of Climate Change Law and Policy at the Australian National University, Chair of the NSW Government's Carbon Trading Hub Taskforce, Chair of the International Emissions Trading Association's Australian Emissions Trading Working Group and a Governor of the World Wildlife Fund.  
Maria Atkinson has the following in her bio:
Global Head of Sustainability, Lend Lease CorporationA Life Fellow, co-founder and founding Chief Executive Officer of the Green Building Council of Australia, Maria Atkinson is a member of the Australian Building Codes Board, the City of Sydney Design Advisory Panel and the Federal Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Stakeholder Group.  Internationally recognised, Ms Atkinson is also Chair of the United Nations Environment Programme Sustainable Buildings & Climate Initiative, Co-Chair of the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council on the Future of Sustainable Construction, and a member of the Singapore Building and Construction Authority's International Panel of Experts for Sustainability in the Built Environment.
Ms Atkinson is a strong advocate for a simple, cost-effective way of enabling accurate benchmarking and reporting of carbon emissions in the non-residential building sector, and advocates the use of a direct price on carbon to drive long-lasting, fast emissions reductions across the sector. 

Greg Bourne is Former Chief Executive of the World Wildlife Fund, Australia

John O'Connor is Chief Executive of the advocacy group, the Climate Institute.

Sam Mostyn  - Director, Institute for Sustainable Solutions, University of Sydney

Andy Pitman -Co-Director, Climate Change Research Centre, University of New South Wales

Adam Spencer -Broadcaster with "we have our position on Climate Change" -ABC Radio

All the above are AGW propagandists - several other members of the "impartial" committee may be impartial.

What does this "impartial" panel say?

"We do now have a malaise where the politics is preventing investment in renewables, or in coal or coal seam gas for that matter,'' said a member, John Connor.
Stall the very partial NSW Climate Change Council as long as you can, Minister Parker!