Monckton - ‘Your property could be nationalized by stealth’

Press Release  - 8/3/2013 by Lord Christopher Monckton and Leon Ashby

‘Your property could be nationalized by stealth’ – Monckton
Cairns, Queensland

Lord Monckton, on his third Australian speaking tour, says flawed science is no basis for State and local authorities to take away property rights by stealth on the pretext of preventing global warming.

At 7.30 pm on Friday, March 15, Lord Monckton will tell a public meeting at the Cairns State High School’s hall that every home-owner and fisherman and farmer is now at grave risk.

On his extensive tour he has been dismayed at the number of environmental regulations that are stamping out the rights of householders, farmers, miners and business people to go about their business unhindered......Änd the common reason (er....excuse) is "to stop Global Warming"

The world`s best known climate sceptic visited several farms in South Australia where Natural Resources Management boards are unjustly removing water rights, vegetation rights and property management rights.

In NSW he heard how Wagga farmers and the Wagga Council are losing their property rights under the UN’s little-known anti-capitalist Agenda 21 programme and the Murray Darling Basin Plan.

In coastal NSW conservation plans are being enacted so private Properties are zoned to prevent all property developments – and owners are not even being told their property rights have been taken away.

But the injustices in North Queensland have astounded Lord Monckton.

 He will see how the fishing industry has been decimated by regulations including the declaration of the entire Coral Sea as a Marine Reserve.

The former adviser to Margaret Thatcher is also concerned at proposals from “Green” activists to declare all of Cape York a Wilderness Zone. This, he says, is “yet another way to steal property, prosperity, freedom and hope from the people of North Queensland”.

Then there is the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, which constantly uses exaggerated predictions of climate doom to hype up belief that CO2 threatens the Reef. Humans are increasingly excluded.

Lord  Monckton`s talk (tickets $25 at the door) will describe many cases of fraudulent science which affect the Cairns and North Queensland area, including exaggerated predictions of sea-level rise, fabricated temperature records, cherry-picked data and incorrect analysis.

He will welcome questions from the audience after his talk.

Lord Monckton drafted the 80-page scientific testimony on the basis of which the High Court in London declared in 2007 that Al Gore’s climate movie described an “Armageddon scenario” that was “not based on any scientific view”.

His famous intervention at the December 2012 Doha climate conference led the IPCC chairman, Rajendra Pachauri, to admit during a recent talk in Melbourne that the Earth has not warmed for 17 years. 

Leon Ashby (Cairns tour organiser) 0435 423 636

For other Lord Monckton 2013 Tour dates go to LINK.


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