Lord Monckton exposes Agenda 21 and the useless waste of the Tax on CO2

by Tony Gomme with Lord Christopher Monckton

The Historic Parramatta Town Hall has been secured for Lord Christopher Monckton on Wednesday the 20th of March 2013; starting from 7pm.

Lord Monckton's mission and message is to be preached in front of the longest standing Church in Australia:- St. John's Cathedral Parramatta.

~It is not as grand as Brisbane's new Gothic Cathedral of St. John; but it is where the Australian Nation began, under British Rule.

{Where the first Fleet landed in Sydney Cove, there was no river, nor sufficient arable land, to ensure the survival of the new colony}.

It is only our younger generations and immigrants, who will not remember having to stand in the Picture Theatres around Australia, for "God Save The Queen", at each Movie Session.

How fitting is it now, to have a member of the British Aristocracy trying to alert us to the Scams of UN AGENDA 21 and the Cult of Carbon Dioxide, and the resulting human wreckage; ~the scourge of Armageddon itself; ~the last ditched efforts of the Wicked, trying to keep mankind in bondage, and to reduce us all back to slavery.

Without naming some of the Wicked, or even getting critical of their agent provocateurs; suffice it is to say, that the current Prime Minister was encamped in this same suburban area with her entourage, just days before.

So, for all those Sydney-siders who faithfully caught "buses and Convoys to Canberra" in the past, to gather and rally against this Regime; now is the opportunity and the privilege to be at this special event. Indeed an historic event and opportunity, to inspire the choices and decisions necessary for this Nation, in this election year.

This presentation by Lord Christopher Monckton is sponsored by the NO CARBON TAX Climate Sceptics party.

Here is a taste of Lord Monckton's Vital Messages, now on YouTube; {from Wagga Wagga}:--

On Agenda 21:

Using the IPCCs own figures, Lord Monckton calculates the cost of climate action versus doing nothing.  It shows that it worthless to try to reduce CO2 no matter whose facts you use.