Inconvenient Truths re China and Coal.

Image: Larry Pickering
The Institute of Public Affairs revealed that Greg Combet, the Minister for Climate Change misled Australians about China's price on carbon (link)

'The FOI documents show that despite Climate Change Minister Combet arguing China's carbon tax rate is nearly three times higher than Australia's his Department knew it was less. 
'After the release of the Vivid Economics report Climate Change Minister Combet claimed 'the myth that Australia is acting ahead of the world is just that - a myth'.'These FOI documents show the only myths are those promoted by the Minister and he now needs to come clean about why his Department knew he was misleading the public but kept doing so. 
'Since breaking its 'no carbon tax' pledge the government has continually promoted misinformation to justify the introduction of its economically harmful tax. It's time the government came clean.

Heartland Institute's James Taylor, writing for, exposes some inconvenient truths re China And Coal.

  • China emits more carbon dioxide than any other nation on earth.
  • China emits more carbon dioxide than all the nations in the Western Hemisphere combined
  • China’s emissions have more than tripled since 2000
  • China produces 70 percent of its electricity from coal
And now China is pledging to enact a modest carbon tax (which may or may not actually be enforced, even if it is enacted.) 


  1. And China do not care a bit, they look out for what is good for China not what is good for a few greenies. I do not believe that CO2 emmissions generated by man is causing climate change but if it was so this will the greenies should do the calculations and see it is impossible to do anything about it if the developing world is allowed to play by different rules.
    I also suggest the greenies should set the example and stop using cars, planes, trains and electricity like the abolisionists refused to take sugar in the time of slavery, this will convince us that they truly stand by their convictions.


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