To Ski or not to Ski! The Importance of peer-review

Cauterets in Hautes-Pyrenees, where ski lifts are
almost buried under snow. Image:
One of the major challenges when studying climate change effects is to establish the relationship between physical impacts and environmental changes on the one hand, and between these factors and impact on humans on the other hand.

An international study enjoying the participation of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia has investigated the particular case of Andorra and has demonstrated a predicted increase in temperatures as a result of climate change will shorten the ski season in the resorts of the principality. (Link)

A new peer-reviewed paper from the Journal of Climate Research: (Link)

Pons-Pons M, Johnson PA, Rosas-Casals M, Sureda B, Jover È (2012) Modeling climate change effects on winter ski tourism in Andorra. Clim Res 54:197-207
The Abstract includes:

We project a reduction in ski season length and a drop in the number of skiers, especially in the lowest elevation ski resort of this region. Moreover, this work indicates that snowmaking cannot completely solve the problem of ensuring snow cover at low elevation ski resorts, and should only be considered as a suitable short-term strategy, rather than as a sustainable long-term adaptation strategy.  

The paper was published in October.  By February, a report from

Pyrenees ski resorts top world snow charts with over 7 meters (23 feet) of snowfall in one month

 Road and lift closures. Evacuations and residents confined to their homes. The storms that have brought over 7 meters of snow to the Pyrenees since the New Year don't seem to be putting a smile on ski resort director's faces. Quite the opposite in fact. Some are asking if they were not better off with last season's snow drought. Yesterday at Mourtis, a resort where skiers are more familiar with grass and mud, the piste bashers were running non-stop and the upper lifts have barely opened all week.

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  2. I living in Pyrénée mountains and is vérity that facts. Since 28 years past snow, and avalanches, no ski-tourists, problems. Nature is beautifull, so cute but freez and accidents.

    Your. and salutes of France


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