The Failing Leafs of Clover Moore

They called Sydney's Lord Mayor "10 Leaf Clover." She has  traded in the City of Sydney's fleet of 10 Toyota Priuses (Prii?) on a fleet of the small hatch $51,500 Nissan Leaf. (link)
Acknowledging that the mains power largely used for EV recharging involves carbon emissions itself, the council asserts that this will be offset by solar panels installed on several Sydney buildings - a program claimed to be the largest building-mounted solar installation in Australia.
There is a definite bonus in the reduction of polluting carbon MONoxide emissions from the vehicles, but when will Clover's green Leafs start to fail? reports:

Chief among those drawbacks are the price of the vehicle and the limited range that requires frequent battery recharging.

One Nissan Leaf driver who spoke with The Fiscal Times reported that the car lasted as little as [70 kilometres] on a charge in the winter rather than the promised [117k], and recharging the car with a 120-volt charger could take 20 hours. 
At an average of 40kph, the battery could be empty in two hours, then back on the charger for 20hours. 20 hours charging for less than 4 hours on the road?

The falling Leaves (with apologies to Johnny Mercer.)

The falling Leafs stall by your window,
           The Falling Leafs Of Clover Moore
And when you stop you have near misses
            Caused by that fool, fat Albert Gore. 

Since you went that way the trips grow small
      And my flat battery caused a stall
But I miss you most of all, my driving
       When Clover’s Leafs start to stall