Greg Combet wrote to NCTCS

Image: Larry Pickering
This NCTCS blogger received a letter from Greg Combet. (See screen shot below) It began:
Dear Geoffrey Brown,

Have you had the chance to catch up on President Obama’s State of the Union Address today? Here’s what he had to say on climate change.
So I replied:

Dear Greg,

Are you Australia's biggest b@llsh!t artist? Some-one who is peddling a tax based on a hoax, on a falsified hypothesis?

What were you thinking of, sending an email to an address starting with sceptic@......

You start off asking about POTUS' address.

Yes, I HAVE caught up with Obama's address. Have you caught up with "Obama's exceptionally flimsy case for Global Warming."  (link)

Then you wrote:  "Obama called on Congress to put in place a market-based mechanism to deal with carbon emissions."

Can I ask is it really carbon emissions  or is it emissions of vital to life carbon dioxide? As atmospheric carbon dioxide is increasing, so is the world's biomass, the world's food. (See eg Link)

Why are we taxing carbon dioxide? To stop runaway warming? The temperature has been static for 16 years now (link) Meanwhile the future link to the European price on essential CO2 is collapsing (link) You're so wrong, wrong, Greg Combet. (link)

You're supposed link to "facts" on China didn't work but here are some facts on  the major role of coal in China's power generation.

Will you share this video and show people the truth?


PS. Can you help us defend Australia from the economic devastation the carbon dioxide tax will cause by chipping in $10?  (see bank account details above.) We can't afford to fall behind the rest of the world on this issue.

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