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$158 million lease for a climate office Abbott will abolish

TAXPAYERS have been locked into a long-term $158 million contract for the Climate Change Department's new Canberra headquarters, despite Tony Abbott's pledge to axe the agency if he wins the election.In one of the more lucrative property deals signed by the Commonwealth, the department has agreed on a 15-year lease for eight floors of the new Nishi Building, hyped as one of the greenest buildings in Australia. The contract runs through to December 2027, according to the Commonwealth's AusTender website.While long-term leases are common for Commonwealth agencies, the Opposition Leader's promise to abolish the agency raises questions as to whether the public could be left with an expensive bill and empty offices.The department, in charge of implementing the carbon tax and promoting Australia's clean energy future, claims it has been planning the move for its 1000 staff since 2009.
$158 million for 15 years?

From Adelaide Now

THE Federal Government is spending more than $20 million fitting out a brand new Canberra high-rise to house bureaucrats tackling climate change.The Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Department will move 750 of its bureaucrats into offices in the new building. 
This comes as the Government is also spending $12 million on an advertising campaign for its carbon tax.

$10 million per year???  That’s $27,000 per day every day of the year!!  And I’ll bet they are not there every day of the year.

PLUS $21 Million for fit out costs at the Department of Climate Change!!!  You have got to be kidding.  Is there no limit to the extent to which these people are prepared to put their noses and all four feet in the trough? 

What a trough!!

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