Happy New Kyoto Free Year

Happy New Year to all regular readers of the NCTCS blog.

Today is a great day, today marks the day when the Earth is free from the shackles of the Kyoto Protocol; the ineffective treaty that tried to reduce emissions of the vital-to-life Carbon dioxide.

The treaty was adopted in 1997 in Kyoto, Japan. As the failed Protocol limped to an end the aim of the alarmists to reduce emissions by 5% failed and thankfully 58% more "greenhouse gases" were emitted.

That's 58% more plant food!

The original Kyoto Protocol is dead and sensible nations are backing away from Kyoto 2.

                 --> Happy New Year!


  1. What a wonderful new years eve gift Geoff. Here's looking at 2013 as the beginning of the end to the fraud and corruption within the scientific community peddling Man made global warming and all its derivatives their public sector hand maidens who sprinkle fairy dust and of course those ever corruptible politicians on the left with Green Labor who make the most of all this to social engineer the community with their propaganda while children now are unable to read or write in grade 4 primary.

  2. But! But! Geoff - you evil denier you! The Kyoto Protocol was instigated to save the planet from apocalyptic doom, don't you know! The science is settled, and the 2,500 UN IPCC scientific experts (or is that 4,000?) predict the end of the World if Kyoto 2 is not implemented to the full.

    Saint Al has endorsed this sentiment.

    Quite apart from anything else we have Tim Flannery, Will Steffen, David Karoly, Matthew England, et al to assure us that we are all doomed unless we lead the World by implementing Kyoto 2. Australia must show an example, even though much bigger emitters of 'carbon [sic] pollution' do not follow. They will be shamed into it by Australia taking the lead in this moral question.

    Oh, and did you see that pig flying past as you read this?


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