Climate Crimes

Ulrich Eichmann
Dr Benny Peiser has reviewed a new film by  Ulrich Eichmann. From Herr Eichmann's blog we learn:
He is an ecologist and working professionally for over 20 years in conservation. From 1990 to 2007 he was with the WWF Austria and coordinated several campaigns against dam construction and destruction of nature. For several years he has led the Stop Ilisu Campaign and the NGO "ECA Watch Austria". He has a daughter and lives in Vienna.
Benny Peiser writes
These days, much is spoken and written about the destruction of our planet as a result of climate change. In his evocative film “Climate Crimes”, the Austrian filmmaker Ulrich Eichelmann who was an active member of WWF for 17 years and worked in conservation for decades, now documents that it is rather the reverse: he shows how many ecosystems, species, habitats and the cultural heritage too are threatened – but, as he sums up, “not by climate change, but by climate protection and the things done in its name.” It is predominantly hydropower and bioenergy projects that threaten to destroy precious areas of our planet’s nature.

That current climate policies harm conservation in many ways is nothing new, even if many do not want to admit it. However, no one so far has compiled the evidence as strongly and on a global scale as Eichelmann. His one-hour film, which is shown in several cinemas in Germany these days and also on Austrian television, is the result of two years of work that led his team to Brazil, Turkey, Iraq and to Indonesia, but also to the model country of climate protection, Germany, where crimes against nature are especially evident.  Read more HERE

A Threatened Life

Below, a trailer for Ulrich's Movie (in German) Einige beängstigend Bilder.


Pierre Gosselin, reviewing the Movie in December
If you are one of the skeptics, much of the film probably will be familiar to you. But if you’re a devout environmentalist who has been reading and believing all the climate propaganda put out by “environmental” and “climate protection” groups and institutes, then you may want to have an ambulance ready outside the cinema. It might be really tough to take.

Be sure to bring your environmentalist friends to see this film. Their reaction will be most interesting as it will reveal if they are truly open to the truth. Face it, there’s a huge industrial lobby behind the “green” movement too.