Theatre of The Absurd

Like clockwork, the partners in the AGW hoax show that they don't really believe the Carbon Rot and Pollution (CRAP) that they preach by regularly jetting delegates to (usually) warm resorts. The latest of these is the 18th Summit held at Doha in the state of Qatar.

Doha translates as "big tree." This is probably appropriate as Qatar is the country that tops the CO2 emissions per capita list (link).

From the latest record in Wikipedia, Qatar's emssions per capita (44tonnes) are more than five times Australia's (18.3).   Is our Minister for Climate Con, Mr Greg Combet "Australia is currently the biggest per capita emitter of greenhouse gases  ....." attending the Qatar conference?

Qatar makes most of its money from sales of "the evil" oil and gas.

The Economist describes it as  Theatre of the absurd:  After three failures, this year’s UN climate summit has only modest aims (Link)
The jamboree in Doha is the 18th UN climate-change summit, but the third since a landmark one at Copenhagen in 2009. That year, instead of negotiating a big new treaty to go beyond the timid Kyoto accords, America, plus China and other big emerging markets, announced a deal outside the UN framework, promising to cut emissions but leaving the talks in disarray. The next year, at Cancún in Mexico, others bowed to the inevitable and brought the “Copenhagen accord” within the UN framework. The year after that, at Durban, with the obligations that Kyoto put on rich countries about to expire, countries promised more talks about talks, saying they would negotiate a new climate regime by 2015 and have one in force by 2020. The Doha meeting begins that negotiation.


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