Reduce Your carbon (dioxide) Footprint...Wear a mask!

Michael Williams
World Meteorological Organisation
The Alarmists' aim is to scare the populace in order to gain world governance. CFACT tested how the scare is working by asking the "alarmed" to wear masks.


  1. Spare me!!

    Tell them to go live in a greenhouse with plants that need their human CO2 emissions to flourish.

    I'm sure that Greg Combet can find genuine greenhouse funding for my proposal.

    And tell them that, to qualify for their federal government supplied greenhouse, they must ride their bicycles to the centre of Australia.

    There, on a balmy evening, they must look up at the black star-abundant night sky and get a sense of how insignificant they are in the whole scale of this planet and the universe.

    Maybe derision will seep through their tiny minds to eventually have these alarmists realise that the latent heat of water and the sun drive climate - AGW is the most massive fraud ever perpetrated on humanity.

  2. And di-hydrogen monoxide must be banned at the same time!

  3. Oahahaha... That's really very funny! And Michael, they would probably sign a petition against use of di-hydrogen monoxide, they're stupid enough. I mean Water or water vapour is the no 1 greenhouse gas.


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