Global Warming has ceased: Prof Bob Carter

2GB's Alan Jones talks to Professor Bob Carter:   

Audio HERE

Alan starts by talking about the letter that eminent scientists wrote to Ban Ki-Moon (previously mentioned on these pages HERE and HERE) taking him to task on claims that he had made.

Alan quotes a recent Miranda Devine column:
Where it used to provide inspired technical solutions for Australia’s agriculture and industry, the one billion dollar scientific research organization – the CSIRO is rapidly becoming irrelevant.

In their letter to Ban Ki-Moon, the Scientists wrote:
there has been no statistically significant global warming for almost 16 years. During this period…
citing data from the UK meteorological office.

Prof Bob Carter:
Science is clear. We should waste no more time on the debate.

Bob mentions that the press will not report the information of independent scientists, in fact the press did not report this letter, whereas the public is daily deluged with material from Green NGOs that stoke up the alarm.

Bob says that most of the heat on the planet is not in the atmosphere but in the ocean which we have only been able to measure accurately since 2004. In that time the temperature of the ocean has stayed as flat as a tack “so there is no doubt whatsoever that global warming has ceased."

Listen to more of the Audio HERE.


  1. Hi Guys,

    Would it be possible to print the bulletins in black print and white background as the coloured background makes it harder to read.

    Many thanks

    Bob S

  2. Would it be possible to explain the link between precession coupled with obliquity, to the effects on the polar
    ice caps.
    A lot of people I speak to haven't got a clue as to what the words mean.
    And when I mention the Milankovitch cycles, they get this really blank look in their eyes.

    1. Other researchers have looked at these factors plus the possible climatic effect of other planets, moon and the Sun:'s_version.pdf


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