FORGET the environment, it's the economy, stupid

Carrying on from our previous story about the World's Greatest Treasurer, Wayne Swan, a new survey - Mission Australia's national Youth Survey-  found that young Australians are more concerned about the economy than the environment.

From The Australian's Business Section:

Young Australians more concerned about the economy than climate by: Patricia Karvelas

FORGET the environment, it's the economy, stupid. Young Australians have dumped the environment from the top of their concerns and replaced it with the economy.

Mission Australia's national Youth Survey found concern about the environment _ considered to be the leading issue for the previous two years (37 per cent last year and 38 per cent in 2010) _ fell to 17.5 per cent.
The country's biggest annual poll of young people and their concerns found the economy and finances was ranked in the top three issues by 31 per cent of respondents, followed by population at 28 per cent and alcohol and drugs (22 per cent).
The economy did not even rank in the top three the previous year with only 21 per cent of respondents ranking it as a concern.
H/t Bill P