Climate Depot's Marc Morano and Bill Nye debate AGW.

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Climate Depot's Marc Morano debates Bill Nye on (man-made) Global Warming.

Marc points out that there have been 16 years without any global warming - See LINK

Bill Nye says that atmospheric CO2 is "rising extraordinarily fast", he talks about a "massively increased acceleration in CO2".......
Graph: Ole Humlum's Climate4you.
Look at how the graph is going pretty evenly until we hit the recent  "massively increased acceleration in CO2"......hmmmm  

But is there anything to show CO2 causes a rise in temperature?

Bill Nye maintains that the Medieval Warm period was just a

However the Idso's CO2 Science Medieval Warm Period Project (link) shows that there are peer-reviewed papers from all the continents.

When Marc is making a great series of facts, the moderator butts in "Wait a minute! Wait a minute!" before the Alarmist Nye gets laughed out of the arena. 

Again we get the nonsense that "2012 could be the warmest year on record."  This nonsense is trotted out annually in the last few months of the year.  Here is a retort when they said the same thing in 2010.
Well, the News is out and 2010 is the hottest year ever. Well, sort of. In fact most of the last 10,000 years were warmer. 2010 would be 9099 out of 10,000.
Do these alarmists really believe the nonsense that they spout?


News Busters has added links to to transcript to give readers background regarding scientific points made by Morano.

The major ones....
MARC MORANO, CLIMATE DEPOT: We followed the evidence. There are quite literally hundreds of factors that influence global temperature, everything from tilt of the earth's axis to ocean cycles to water vapor, methane, solar system, the sun, cloud feedback, volcanic dust. The idea that CO2 is the tail that wags the dog is not supportable.

And if you go down and look at the scientific literature, we are finding reams of data. And new peer-reviewed study showing the Medieval and Roman warming periods as warm or warmer
than today without our CO2 emissions. So what's happened here is the whole movement, because now we've gone 16 years without global warming, according to the U.N. data [from UK Met Office], and they've now morphed into extreme weather.

And we have the absurd spectacle of people claiming that acts of Congress and United Nations can
control the weather and make hurricanes less nasty and make tornadoes less frequent, which by the way none of them are showing any trends at all that are unusual.

and later:
MORANO: CO2 is rising. No one is disputing that. What Bill and I just did was waste everyone's time explaining that CO2 is rising. The question is what impact does CO2 have on the weather, what impact the CO2 have on climate change. And that, as we you look at the geologic records, we've had warmer periods where it's been -- with higher -- with lower CO2 and we've had colder periods with higher CO2. And you have to go way back for some of that but the bottom line is hundreds of factors are dictating our climate.

The Medieval Warm Period was both southern and northern hemisphere. On my Web site there's literally [scores of studies] -- it demolishes the idea of a hockey stick, new peer-reviewed study, so the idea that Bill Nye is just going around saying CO2 is up, therefore global warming is dangerous, we should be concerned, it's not. It's not dangerous. The bottom line is all these factors --


  1. It is obvious to me that Global Warming is true, I see the flock of pink elephants fly past every afternoon and they are sunburnt: factual evidence that global warming and their proponents (Greens etc, they are the experts) are true believers in these types of facts. Obvious to me too is my memory of going through hot and cold summers, winters, vicious storms and bush fires a long time before these people were able to think for themselves. Climate conditions are a natural cycle of the earth from millions of years ago. But according to these proponents my pink elephants will just get sunburnt even more.


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