2012 - The Year in Review - peer-review that is....Part 2 Februry

The Year in (Peer) Review.
Over the next weeks, NCTCS blog will present peer-reviewed papers published and featured on the
Totenmaar volcanic lake near Daun at the Eifel, Germany
Photo credit: Dan Hammer
From Ice Age Now
NCTCS blog during 2012. 

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Part 2 - February 2012: 
  • Human Activities -Nil Contribution to Warming;

  • No need to attribute 20th Century Warming to CO2; 

  • Roman Warming Period In Eastern Mediterranean Warmer Than Modern Warming.

Human Activities -Nil Contribution to Warming, Peer reviewed paper. 1 Feb 2012

In terms of Moschen et al.'s stated purpose of hoping to illustrate "to what extent human activities contribute to the recent warming trend observable at a regional and global scale," based on what types of natural climate changes have occurred over the past two millennia, it would have to be concluded that human activities have contributed absolutely nothing in the way of warming, as it was much warmer at Durres Maar, Germany, back in the "good old (High Medieval) days," when there was far less CO2 in the air than there is today.

No need to attribute 20th Century Warming to CO2   8 Feb 2012

 Morellon et al conducted a multi-proxy study of several short sediment cores they recovered from Lake Estanya (42°02'N, 0°32'E) in the Pre-Pyrenean Ranges of northeast Spain. Their studies suggest that  there is no compelling need to attribute 20th-century global warming to the concomitant increase in the air's CO2 content.
 Roman Warming Period In Eastern Mediterranean Warmer Than Modern Warming Peer reviewed  29 Feb 2012  
 With respect to the southern region of Italy, it would appear that the relatively high temperatures of today are not unique. In fact, they may well be somewhat lower than those that prevailed there during the Roman Warm Period. And these findings suggest that the non-unique warmth of our day need not be attributed to a unique phenomenon, such as the historical increase in the atmosphere's CO2 concentration that has resulted from mankind's burning of fossil fuels