Can renewables survive without huge Government subsidies?

Econews reports: (link)
The sun has set on what would have been Australia’s largest solar power plant, with the consortium behind the scheme stopping the project. 

The move comes after Queensland’s conservative Liberal National Party state government withdrew $75 million worth of funding for the $1.2 billion scheme, which had been promised by the former Labor state government.
The funding agreement with the federal Labor government, which had promised a contribution of $464 million also lapsed because of a timing issue, a consortium spokeswoman said.

“The process of developing major power projects remains complex and time-consuming, particularly given we are competing in a dynamic energy market,” the spokeswoman said.
Construction of the 250 megawatt solar thermal power plant near Chinchilla, in southwest Queensland, was due to begin in 2013, creating up to 450 temporary and 30 permanent jobs.
 We know that subsidies for renewables are driving electricity prices up through the troposphere and the missing hotspot. (link) We also see that these projects cannot survive without governments using our money to subsidise them.

We must all rally against the Global Warming Hoax. We have an abundance of coal, which can generate cheap power.

H/t Gordon A