Alan Jones' despicable utterance.

Ms Gillard and Mr Swan:
Yet to apologise for stealing democracy process.
Memos have been sent to this NCTCS blogger to support a ban on advertisers on the 2GB Alan Jones Breakfast Show.

Surely, as Alan Jones fights for all Australians against  the Creeping Socialism/Communism of the Green Gillard Government, it would be better to cast a vote for Australia's future and tell the advertisers to continue to support an Australian broadcaster who, unfortunately repeated a despicable remark mentioned to him before he addressed a young Liberal's meeting, but still promotes an Australia free of the throttling Socialism/Communism of our present government.

Alan Jones was stupid to make that despicable statement. 


He has apologised for that STUPID, despicable remark.

But should we forget this despicable remark made by Wayne Swan in order to win an election (only just)?


OR - should we forget this despicable remark made by Julia Gillard  in order tto win an election (only just)? 

Alan Jones' despicable utterance only affects his small audience.

Gillard and Swan, with their deception, could have swung an election that affects the whole country and their economic inadequacy will  strangle Australians for years to come.

Meanwhile the Green Gillard Government continue to creep toward Communist ideals by, via Finkelstein, trying to close down any opposition; any thought like the communistic throttling of free opinion.

Have Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan apologised for CONNING the electorate prior to the last election?

I know that Jones is contrite, has realised he was stupid and has apologised.

When will we expect an apology from Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan?