Unprecedented Arctic Ice Melt "Gross Nonsense!"

Image: Climate Change is Natural.
You heard it hear third.

Pierre Gosselin on his NoTricksZone reports an item on the website of Veteran German journalist Ulli Kulke - Never Say “Like Never Before."

Kulke asks: 
Is the ice melt at the North Pole really unprecendented? There are indications that show otherwise.”
Kulke labels claims of Arctic ice melt reaching “unprecedented” levels “gross nonsense” and reminds us that “during changeovers between warm and cold periods there have been already completely ice-free Arctics on multiple occasions.”

Kulke also quotes Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) physicist Rüdiger Gerdes (in Bremerhaven, Germany) who says the high Arctic temperatures are not only because of man-made greenhouse gases, but also because of natural periodic fluctuations with a rhythm of 60 to 70 years.
Kulke quotes Gerdes:
"Right now we are in a warm phase."
 Kulke explains, citing NSIDC Director Mark Serreze, “…the summer of 2012 was not especially warm at the higher latitudes” and that the sea ice development was unusual this year. Kulke writes that in March 2012, sea ice area was greater than at any time in the last 5 years and ice melt proceeded normally during almost the entire melt season until early August when a huge storm caused the sea ice area curve to turn sharply downwards to a level never seen – in at least 30 years, that is.
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  1. Ice area DID NOT recover to the long term average between 1979 to 2009. Ice volume (the best indicator) has been in free fall for a decade. Ice melt WAS NOT proceeding normally until the August storm but was, in fact, trending lower than at any time in the historical record prior to the storm.

    Other than those minor details, good article.


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