The seas are rising!

Image From NOAA

The seas are rising! We have been warned by the IPCC and Australia's Climate Con Commissioner Tim Flannery.

The seas are rising! Well, some are and some are falling.

The chart above from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) shows a majority of green arrows. The Green arrows show a rise of between 0 and 3mm/year. The blue arrows indicate falls of 0-3mm/yr.

The lower arrow of the Queensland, Australian coast is located at Bundaberg.

Clicking on that arrow gives -

At  0.25mm/year, in 100 years at that rate, and if you think you will be still here in 100 years, buy a pair of galoshes.

North America has its ups and downs.

West coast -

While on Canada's East coast -

h/t sunshine hours via Marc Morano's Climate Depot.