Climate Delegates Win again

Doha Conference Centre. Image IPCC.
Bangkok climate talks had as much success as Copenhagen, Cancun, Durban etc etc.

No agreement was arrived at.

The delegates had another trip to a tropical location. Isn't it great to get to fly round the world, spend time at luxury resorts, have a few chats, achieve nothing and then return home to prepare for the next gabfest.

The Energy Collective: "The U.N. climate talks featuring delegates from 190 nations, that have been ongoing for the last week in Bangkok, Thailand, and which conclude today, have produced few concrete results."

Science 2.0: "Bangkok held the latest meeting that accomplished nothing."

The winners are the delegates who get to meet again in at the Qatar National Conference Centre in Doha in December.

Why do global warmer alarmists go to globally warm locations?


  1. These people are beyond reproach. They have listened to the truth but they steadfastly refuse to hear it for fear of losing their lifestyle.
    Let them travel for their jaunts will surely come to a sticky end.
    The longer their ropes the harder will be their falls from grace.
    We just need to compile lists of these people so that when the truth becomes common knowledge, as it surely must, we can call them to account for their deviousness and unethical behaviour at our expense.


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