Tuesday, 7 August 2012

When Religion Just won't do!

Often AGW Alarmism has been compared to religion in articles like: 
  • Europe's Climate Change Alarmism a Religious Belief? (Link)  
  • Their insistence that we can be absolutely certain this will come to pass is based not on science-but on something very much like religious faith. (Link) 
  • Climate Change is viewed in France as a Catechism. Anne-Elisabeth Moutet. (See video) 
  • It's a pagan religion. Believers in global warming “use all the elements of traditional religion, especially the theme of the apocalypse.”  Pascal Bruckner. (See video) 

However a new twist on this is when a minister of religion compares the "global warming cult" as evolving "into one of the world's most powerful religions." The Reverend Peter Kurti is a Research Fellow with the Religion and the Free Society Program at The Centre for Independent Studies.

Writing in the October edition of Spectator Australia (Link):-
Sure enough, this new religion appears to have its high priests, its temples, and its dogmas – including a concept of original sin: the Carbon Footprint. (Never mind that it is the role of carbon dioxide in climate change, rather than carbon, which is in question.)

And it also offers ‘sinners’ (read human beings) a way to redeem themselves for the offence of existing. Repentance by mortification for ravaging the planet can be bought at the going price of the 21st century indulgence – the Carbon Offset.
  • Pascal Bruckner  CBN Interview (Link)

    Today it is the global warming zealots and true believers who have built a culture of fear and reverted to doom-saying predictions of the revivalist meeting. Humankind has sinned. It must now atone, or be punished.

    But why are proponents of anthropogenic climate disruption resorting to the language of religion when they should be using the language of science? Why are they manipulating us with emotion when they should be appealing to us with reason?

    Hence, the environmental prophets of doom warn us that the only way to avoid natural catastrophe is to stop humankind from pursuing its foolish and destructive ways. Repent, and you may just survive.


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