Gillard's Guilty Gainsaying.

Is the PM reaching out to switch off all power?
Prime Minister Julia Gillard's attempt yesterday to try to divert blame for power price rises away from her (There will be no) Carbon (dioxide) Tax is something short of amazing.

As the Fin Review put it:
But federal Labor has been blithely inert over the risks to the nation’s power system from the mish-mash of regulations and crazy green schemes. Under Kevin Rudd, federal Labor effectively sabotaged former Labor premier Morris Iemma’s brave attempt to privatise NSW’s electricity industry.
The political problem Ms Gillard wants to head off is consumer outrage over soaring electricity prices,with power bills increasing by an average of 48 per cent in the past four years. This increase is regressive, hitting the poor and those in marginal Labor electorates harder than more affluent families.
 The Fin Review points out that "By the federal government’s estimation, less than a quarter of that increase is due to the carbon tax." However crazy Green Renewable energy targets are also increasing electricity costs.

In the UK, it has been estimated that obsession with wind power will cause family energy bills to soar by £300 ($A450)  (John Ingham  - Daily Express)
Professor Gordon Hughes warn­ed that wind power may even fail in its aim of cutting greenhouse gases.
He said: “Unless the current Government scales back its commitment to wind power very substantially, its policy will be worse than a mistake, it will be a blunder.”
In a damning report for Lord Lawson’s Global Warming Policy Foundation, Professor Hughes said family electricity bills will rise to nearly £850 a year from their current £528 to pay for wind power technology.
He claimed the same electricity could be provided by modern combined gas cycle plants for £13billion – nearly 10 times cheaper.