Carbon (dioxide) Tax starts hitting businesses

Michael Madigan in the Brisbane CourierMail reports:

Six weeks into the carbon tax regime, price hikes are starting to hit hip pockets as power bills drop into letterboxes.

Queensland Chamber of Commerce and Industry president David Goodwin said the "weird distortions'' were becoming apparent.

"We are finding that ordinary supermarkets like the local IGA may be up for up to $15,000 on the carbon tax alone if they have to re-gas their giant refrigeration system,'' Mr Goodwin said. "Somehow these guys are going to have find ways to cover these extra costs.''
Image above is from the Liberal Party who have promised to reverse Labor's Carbon (dioxide) Tax policy. As yet, though, the Liberals have not ruled out some form of Emissions Trading Scheme. They also believe in extremely costly and unreliable Renewable Energy. The only party that is against any form of tax or trading schemes is the NO CARBON TAX Climate Sceptics party.
Queensland Energy Minister Mark McArdle seized on the bill as an transparent example of how the carbon tax impacted commercial electricity bills.

"For most domestic customers the price of the carbon tax is hidden in the total cost of the electricity tariff,'' Mr McArdle said. "In the case of market contracts, such as this, each of the components that make up a bill is clearly identified.

"It shows that off-peak energy is attracting an 80 per cent increase directly related to the carbon tax.''

Read more in the CourierMail. (Link)