Big Lie's 2nd Anniversary.

Teach the children well, Ms Gillard!
Two years ago, when our PM Gillard said: "There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead", this blog thought that she would not survive in office long enough to bring it in the tax. If she had lost office, it would not be a lie.

However it is now two years on and it did become a lie. A whopping big lie that made the difference between losing the election and just scraping in with the votes of independents. Independent members of the House of Representatives who do not represent the majority view of their electorates.

Deputy Prime Minister Swan also lied to the Australian people. Will you be just as hysterical after the NEXT election, Mr Swan?


  1. Im based in the UK - and after watching her performance I have to say I am disgusted by her.

    This is a wonderful site and resource - I wish you the best of luck in defeating this environmental fascism that has slowly established itself in our midst.



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