Wyong Rally

Jacques Laxalles - centre
A small crowd attended the Wyong rally organised by CATA's Jacques Laxalles.

 Speakers included:

Independant Councillor Greg Best, who previously had also spoken at the Gosford Seal Level Rally;
 Independant Councillor Doug Eaton who presented a good range of facts.When questioned about the Gold Coast Council's decision to not pay the carbon (dioxide) tax, Cr Doug Eaton said that -for an example -  The cost of the carbon dioxide tax will mean, looking at the Wyong Council's road work budget - Twenty five per cent less roads.

CATA's John McRae who demonstrated tide movements with a half-filled water bottle;

Coastal Residents Group Secretary Pat Aiken. When I congratulated Pat on his win with Gosford Council's removal of the sea level rise notifications, he said (my paraphrasing) it was only a battle, not the war.
THOUSANDS of Central Coast property owners were celebrating this week after Gosford Council's surprise decision to remove sea level rise notifications from planning documents.
The notifications, placed on S149(5) certificates attached to properties considered to be at risk in the next 100 years from the effects of sea level rise, have been the source of continual protest from home owners since they were placed two years ago.
As a fund raiser, Coastal residents are raffling a superb pastel painting by Colina Grant
Only 400 tickets at $10 each. Payment by direct debit - Westpac Erina BSB -032553 Coastal Residents #110206 (Name and reason for payment.)

Naturally speakers also included the hard working Jacques Laxalles.


  1. Bill Koutalianos8 July 2012 at 15:00

    Pat Aiken is spot on in recognising the "sea level rise notification" as merely a battle which is part of a larger war. Gosford Council is one of many councils which through their membership of the ICLEI (International Councils for Local Environmental Initiatives), have been infiltrated by this UN related bureaucracy promoting the "sustainability principles" of the UN's agenda for the 21st century (Agenda 21). Unsurprisingly there's an in house linkage to the UN IPCC's climate science and their computer modelled rising sea level projections.
    Just recently, James Lovelock in addition to the recanting of his earlier climate alarmism, referred to the "sustainability" promotion as "drivel". That's a mild way of describing the silent ideological war taking place within many of our councils today. It's not only taking place without public scrutiny, but often under the noses of our elected Councillors. In a number of U.S. states there is growing opposition to ICLEI membership and it's something the we need to come up to speed on here, if we cherish our Australian values. The September Council elections are almost upon us.

  2. Poor old Byatt is demonstrating his stupidity with a half-filled scone.


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