Warmists' Science Woefully Inadequate

Pierre Gosselin of NoTricksZone writes of Dr Wolfgang Thune and his opinion of the Potsdam Institute. It's "pure voodoo-magic spreading fear among the public and reaching big time into the pockets of taxpayers." (Back up LINK

From NoTricksZone:
As the science of the warmists gets exposed as woefully inadequate, slipshod and flawed, all they can do now is give each other awards in pompous ceremonies in an effort to generate a (fake) sense of achievement and contribution. They’ve been reduced to a pretend world.
One example is the Technical University of Berlin recently awarding Prof. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber an honorary doctorate. Schellnhuber is Director of the infamously über-alarmist Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) and is chairman of the WBGU Advisory Council.
Thüne says that the Posdam Institute should be shut down.
"That would be a small but effective step in preventing the national debt from getting out of control."
Dr. Wolfgang Thüne is a certified meteorologist, who for years was a meteorology expert for ZDF television, and has written about the falsifiications and fraud surrounding the UN IPCC. He is the author of numerous books. His latest work is: “Prophets in the Struggle for the Climate Throne. How primal fear is used in the struggle for money and power.”
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„Die Klimaforschung von Schellnhuber & Co. ist reiner Voodoo-Zauber, um Ängste in der Bevölkerung zu schüren und in grossem Stil an das Geld vom Steuerzahler zu kommen“, erklärte Thüne.