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Alex Stuart


Alex was a dedicated member of the Sceptics and, for our first campaign - the Bradfield By-Election - he first thought of the NO CARBON TAX motto and the symbol as seen in the page header above.

Alex was also the Chairman of the Australian Environment Foundation  (LINK)
Alex Stuart was born in Canberra, grew up in Asia, and went to high school in Victoria.  He graduated in economics and political science at the University of Melbourne and pursued graduate studies in the UK and US.  After starting a business career overseas, Alex was active in international trade in beef and pork products, and later managed the American food manufacturing subsidiary of Dalgety & Co.  He was appointed Regional Director of the Americas for Austrade and has subsequently been active in new ventures and technology-based small business.

Another part of his multifaceted life was as a member of the Northern Beaches Hash House Harriers (NBH3).

The NBH3 have made the following YouTube tribute.

STUART,   Alexander Hamilton.
Passed away suddenly,
July 23, 2012. Aged 68.
Loving partner of Susie. Former husband of Marcia, loving father of Stephanie, Julia, Catharine, Andrew (Zander) and Tessa, brother of Charles, James and Sabrina.

Much loved and will be sadly missed.


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