Something Fishy about the carbon tax.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and his small business spokesman Bruce Billson hit the Melbourne fish markets at dawn on Wednesday to underline the impact of the tax on the seafood industry.
If Australian Fish producers have to pay a carbon tax on diesel for their trawlers, light and power for their premises and refrigeration they will be at a disadvantage compared with international competitors.

Mr Abbott said the carbon tax will affect the seafood industry at every level.
"It's going to hit diesel that trawlers use. It's going to hit power costs. It's going to radically increase costs of refrigeration," he told reporters.
"It will just get worse and worse as the carbon tax goes up and up."
Meanwhile a Dutch super trawler 143-metre, 9500-tonne Margiris is headed for Australia.  Margiris is described as a “floating vacuum cleaner” that can
devastate local fishing stocks in the manner seen in west Africa and the South Pacific, describing the quota as a "licence to plunder".
Fish on the Lithuanian-flagged factory ship (which is to be re-flagged as Australian) can be frozen in 20kg blocks, ending the need to return so often to shore.

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  1. I am very disappointed in the Carbon Tax, I see no positive from it. Just an easy way for the government to bail themselves out of bad mistakes.


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