Rate PM Gillard's answers to the public.

Tom Harris of the International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC) has asked for our help in contributing ratings and comments to his collection that he is gathering to submit to PM Gillard.  He'll also share them with the Australian Opposition, the media and the public.


Tom's original post is HERE  
Form to answer or rate questions is HERE.


July 6, 2012: Australia's Herald Sun newspaper just hosted an
online question and answer session between Prime Minister Julia Gillard
and the public about that country's new "carbon" tax (which came into force on
July 1, 2012).

ICSC is asking for readers' comments about the Prime Minister's climate
(science and politics) statements. We will select the most interesting remarks that
we receive and share them with the public via our Website. ICSC will also send
the most important comments directly to Prime Minister Gillard's office.

If you do not want to comment, we ask that you at least assign a numerical 
rating to each of the PM's answers.

 Click on an issue below to read the publics' questions and PM Gillard's
responses, as well as to submit your own
comments about, and ratings of, her statements.

You may also just register a rating for each answer.

Science questions:

#1: Taxing something that is essential to life
- assess PM's comments and rate, or just rate.

#2: How much will the Australian "carbon tax" lower temperatures?
- assess PM's comments and rate,  or just rate.

#3: Why did you decide to bring in the "carbon tax"?
- assess PM's comments and rate, or just rate.

#4: "Where does the money from Carbon Tax go exactly? How does it help the
- assess PM's comments and rate, or just rate.

#5: "Has the carbon tax started working since we have started having cold
weather since it was introduced?" - assess PM's comments and rate, or just rate.

#6: Shouldn't then funds generated from the tax go to "protect delicate
environments more susceptible to climate change?"
- assess PM's comments and rate, or just rate.

Julia Gillard ready to live blog on the carbon tax. Source: Herald Sun 
Political questions: 
#1: Did you lie about your election promises to not bring in a "carbon tax"? 
          - assess PM's comments and rate, or just rate.
#2:  "seeing all the polls throughout Australia and understanding that around 70% of the nation do not want a carbon tax and also knowing that you do not have a mandate to bring in this carbon tax do you not think it is wrong to bring in a law that is against the will of the people?" - assess PM's comments and rate, or just rate.

#3: "why are you implementing a tax designed to make us all poorer?" 

#4: "the start of Australia's greener future?" 



  1. Thanks Geoff,

    We are gradually getting more comments. Up to 40 now on question #1, for example (about 35 from Australia) and about 80 votes. That leaves only 22,672,236 Australian left to comment as, according to Australian Bureau of Statistics:

    "On 16 July 2012 at 05:45:48 PM (Canberra time), the resident population of Australia is projected to be: 22,672,273."

    Any ideas how to get significantly more than 1 millionth of your countrymen and women to comment?




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