Julia Gillard: Our P.M.

Julia Gillard: Our P.M.
by Anthony Cox
Ms Gillard is famous for saying: by

Ms Gillard’s deputy, Wayne Swan, also said this.

Supporters of Ms Gillard have stated that in politics things change and because Ms Gillard could not envisage being in a political partnership with the Greens and needing their support to stay in government, she should not be bound by her earlier promise.

In effect Ms Gillard’s supporters claim it was not a lie.

This cannot be sustained. It was a lie. The choice for Ms Gillard when trying to establish government was to either honour her promise and try to reach an agreement with the Greens on that basis or lie.

Ms Gillard chose to lie.

Does this lie reflect Ms Gillard’s true character and approach to dealing with the Australian people?

In an interview on AM Ms Gillard said this:

Is this true?

Is the CO2 tax in Australia’s interest? Australia’s great economic advantage is that we have vast amounts of cheap energy sources; coal, gas and possibly oil. Australia also has the largest uranium reserves in the world.

Uranium is banned by the ALP. The CO2 tax is designed to reduce CO2 emissions and to save the planet from the catastrophe of man-made global warming [AGW]. The CO2 tax can only save the planet from CO2 emissions if the fossil fuels, coal, gas and oil are not used. The CO2 tax is supposed to make the fossil fuels too expensive to use and to enable wind and solar to replace them. This will mean a reduced lifestyle because energy will be much more expensive and less reliable. This will mean Australians are poorer, can afford less electricity and will lead less prosperous lives.

This contradicts what Ms Gillard claims about the CO2 tax, that it will make Australia more prosperous. Is Ms Gillard lying again or does she genuinely believe what she is saying?

Let’s look at an associated fact. Exports of coal will not be curtailed. Ms Gillard admits this in the same ABC interview when she says:

There has been a hysterical fear campaign from the doomsday merchants who have tried to convince people over the last 12 months that on the time that carbon pricing came into being, that we'd see for example the coal industry go out of business.

Ms Gillard’s Climate Change minister, Greg Combet, says the same thing about the coal industry:

How does this make sense? Ms Gillard, and indeed not only Greg Combet, but everyone in government from the ALP, to the Greens and the independents, Mr Oakeshott and Mr Windsor, also claim that it is essential to stop CO2 emissions to save the planet. Yet the coal industry is going to continue exporting coal to the world, which will continue using coal in expanding fashion. Other nations that Australia exports coal to will continue to use coal at an expanding rate; this includes China, now the world’s largest CO2 emitter and Australia’s largest market for coal.

So, we have a situation in Australia where Ms Gillard and other people like Mr Combet, claim that Australia’s prosperity will increase if we stop using coal, yet Australia is going to increase exporting coal to foreign nations, primarily China.

Does this mean Australia wants China to be less prosperous?

Obviously this does not make sense. Either Ms Gillard believes what she is saying, in which case she is a fool.

Or she is a liar.


  1. Coal exports are one of the big red flashing signs that say it is nothing more than wealth redistribution and appeasing people to stay in power. For what it's worth, I *do* believe in Global Warming, but the mere fact we still export masses of coal to the mass polluters is a complete slap in the face of any argument Australia is doing it's bit to reduce emissions.

    There are plenty of other gaping holes in the execution of this tax, but no need to rehash all of them. This one on it's own is disgraceful enough!

    1. Bill Koutalianos3 July 2012 at 11:43

      @ Anonymous. I think it's worth rehashing as much as possible, until we can sort out the truths from lies. Bob Brown had been saying for years that the coal industry should be shut down completely. Now as an outcome of that, you would have expected big red flashing signs for coal industry workers, with their CFMEU union leading the charge in a campaign of survival. But that didn't happen.
      What were the CFMEU doing about this potential threat to their members in the coal industry? They were funding climate action groups like GetUp and others, that were supposedly threatening their own members' survival. They were holding up CFMEU banners at climate action rallies and they were sending union delegates to take part in the champagne sipping at international climate conferences, on the other side of the world. What do union officials have to do with climate change, when their main sideline is political change?
      When these gaping holes and contradictions have been apparent all along, its obvious there are plenty of deals being done behind the scenes. Did you really expect one of our most militant unions to role over and die? What's also amazing, is that even when people realize they have been taken in by a fairly elaborate scam, they still have faith in other parts of it.


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