Julia Gillard and Bruce Wilson and Union Funds

Michael Smith
Alan Jones interviewed ex-broadcaster, ex-policeman Michael Smith regarding the misappropriation of union funds by PM Julia Gillard's former lover, Bruce Wilson.

Interview between Alan Jones and Michael Smith on 2GB  is available here.
Although this blog has written of these events before (See here, here, here and more recently here)  a few interesting things came out of Michael Smith's forensic analysis of the events.

  • $18000 was paid to a woman's fashion boutique in Melbourne. No one knows what for.
  • Julia Gillard herself rang News Ltd boss John Hartigan. "Threats were made to harm the interests of News Ltd if it did not comply with her direct demands."
  • Ian Cambridge, a former union official, was the first union official to call for a royal commission into his own organisation and former Attorney-General, then a lawyer prepared the paperwork for that.
  • Julia Gillard subsequently appointed Cambridge to Fair Work Australia.
  • Bruce Wilson had Julia Gillard set up the account named “AWU Members Welfare Association No 1 Account”. (link)
  • The AWU management claimed they knew nothing about the accounts and when they found out the joint national secretary Ian Cambridge put a freeze on the accounts. Somehow money kept on going in and out of the accounts. (link)
  • Some of the money was also used to buy a house, 85 Kerr Street, Fitzroy and Ian Cambridge put a caveat on the house so it could not be sold. (link)
  • Wilson and Mr Ralph Blewitt sold the house bought with the "union" funds and kept the money. The union got nothing.

Ian Cambridge swore an affidavit  as reported by Glen Milne:
"I am unable to understand how Slater & Gordon, who were then acting for the Victorian branch of the union, could have permitted the use of funds which where obviously taken from the union, in the purchase of private property of this nature, without seeking and obtaining proper authority from the union for such use of its funds," Mr Cambridge said.
"To my knowledge, none of the $388,564.92 which passed through this account was used for authorised union purposes."
Victorian HANSARD report is here.

See also Murray Hogarth's opinion piece in the Sydney Morning Herald reproduced HERE.

Much more at the Pickering Post's article: 


 and a link to the Cambridge affidavit is HERE (Thanks to comment below)


  1. Julia Gillard's former lover name is BRUCE WILSON. It is mentioned in the article " BRIAN WILSON". Nobody believes Miss Gillard anymore. She was plotting for the top job and she was in a hurry to knife Rudd to snatch the top Job. Julia still did not answer the amount $18, 000 dollars that was spent the clothes. It is amazing Julia is still in charge of the ALP. Julia is killing the ALP. It is annoying to know that she wants to hang out with people.

  2. Thanks for the correction. I think the blogger was singing: "we'll have fun fun fun
    when the justice puts the liar away ..."

  3. Julia Gillard took time out the other day, she found herself by a pond she peered into the pond to reflect on her 5 years in government, she was amazed to see in the pond a reflection not an image of herself.
    An image of Kevin Rudd. She (Julia) "yelled out in despair! I'm not a mirror image of Kevin Rudd, Labor is not just a name change, we are not reflection of the NSW or Victoria Labor, Blighs Queensland Labor Party," My Fate is not the same as Kevin Rudd"

  4. Julia "peered into a pond?"

    So, me old posting mate, is that an example of PM peer review?

  5. Here's the link to Ian Cambridge's Affidavit http://pickeringpost.com/mediax/resources/Affidavit2.pdf. What a pity the scan doesn't have the attachments as they'd be very interesting to see too.

  6. lookin at Julla Gillard: this is her POLICY: Fabians say, "Let us come to power quietly so as not to alarm anyone. Let us penetrate and capture control of the organs of society: the educational institutions, the media, the labor unions, agencies of government. Let us penetrate into the power centers of society and quietly guide it in the direction of collectivism. No one will realize what is happening, and there will be very little opposition or bloodshed." Fabians consider themselves to be humane. To emphasize this strategy of patient gradualism, they adopted the tortoise as their symbol, and the emblem on their shield is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Julia is a pasionate follower of this outdated 18 Century philosphy and all who stick by her are also followers of this policy: So what we have in australia now is this "Fabian communist Bastardry" and the power of the Satan is now unleashing the fury: Carbon tax ($10.10) compensation to make us happy: Mr Weetbix = budget deficit with a surplus sometimes in 2050 or beyond. The Mining TAx (spent before receiving and now there maybe no super profit...slow down in china) so no extra tax that means further deficit ...and the NBN (about $50Billion ) guess why....lots of jobs will be created for very special people....about 40people (hence the heavy price tag and the school halls and pink batts was such a disaster that (someone must double check this account it is fishy) and now the insistance and nagging and stubborness for the Malasia swap deal...how many billions is this goinjg to cost when ther are so many cheaper and workable options: and who will be tasked with the housing and infrastrucure of this in malaysia...how many oficails from australia will be flying in and flyin out of malaysia and if you add up this cost it will be cheaper just to process them here and create jobs in australia...

    1. How many members of the Multi-Party Climate Change Committee were card carrying Fabians?
      Has the opposition made iron clad commitments NOT to participate in ETS?
      If a global trade in Carbon Credits gets up, under the IPCC or an offspring we will have a global currency with un-elected, un-answerable (corruptible?),UN bureaucrats setting the exchange rates.
      Surrendering a nation’s sovereignty without a specific mandate must be pretty close to treason.

    2. Don't forget that the Greens have a policy for World Governance. In other words, a vote for the Greens also is a vote against Australian sovereignty.

  7. Politicians out to shoot the messengers:"This is a government which is on the nose with the public and looking for someone to blame" ... John Hartigan. ''This, largely, from the only people in Australia who actually are guilty of regime change, the members of the ALP who removed an elected prime minister from office without bothering with democracy at an election,'' he said.
    now it is quite clear that we have a government thatis blocking free speech because it suits them and their Fabian Policy:

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national/politicians-out-to-shoot-the-messengers-says-hartigan-20111117-1nl2h.html#ixzz21L7zYbny

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national/politicians-out-to-shoot-the-messengers-says-hartigan-20111117-1nl2h.html#ixzz21L7ktHIy

    1. Talk of Fabian Fascism (its correct name) is all very fine - cute, even -- but associating the JuLiar Fascists with Fabianism's about as accurate as would be the association of flagrant Oxford Street faggot-parading poofters with the days when school teachers arrested for sodomy and lesser similar charges hung themselves in police cells.

      There's nothing insidious (definitive of the way Fabians operate) about the way in which - post-the-traitor, Whitlam - the JuLiar Gang has been/is bringing about its overt centralization and 'fascistization' of every aspect of Australian life.

      JuLiar and her gang can no longer see the radical extremism represented in their cancerated view of the world, so fanatically enthralled are they all by and steeped in the manifestation of evil that descends from the Fascissocialist Psychosis that is suffered by and so zealously promoted, promulgated and propagandized by them all. And by their mobbed-up union mates, by their lock-step Goebbels-Big-Lying Fascist-Media, by their wholly-owned school, college and university teacher/indoctrinators and by such cowered pseudo-capitalists as GM-H and the BHP-Billiton-ilk miners that are, in Truth but Australia's modern-era Fascist Left's Krupp -- and Flick -- and I.G. Farben.

      JuLiar's Gang's filing-clerk-mentality modified-Leninist fascism is way beyond Mussolini's.

      What's next, Adolf?

  8. Fraud and misconduct prevention

    April 18, 2012 | Author Marika Donkin

    Fraud and misconduct “grey areas” in the workplace

    Yesterday’s Human Capital Australia magazine outlined a recent decision by Fair Work Australia (FWA) and the implications for dealing with fraud and misconduct in the workplace.

    A supermarket store manager was dismissed for taking groceries without paying, however the dismissal was overturned by FWA and he was awarded more than $15,000 in compensation as the matter was not properly investigated. The manager claimed that he intended to pay for the groceries at a later stage and in the absence of an appropriate investigation there was inadequate proof that this was not the case.

    In his judgement Commissioner Ian Cambridge said that a “proper, comprehensive and balanced” consideration should have been provided before dismissing the employee. A warning or dismissal with a notice period may have been a more suitable response. The supermarket should have undertaken a thorough investigation to determine whether misconduct had occurred and to ensure their rights and the rights of the employee were protected.

    This ruling has a number of important implications for employers. The main implication relates to properly investigating alleged misconduct. Another important implication is that employers should be careful about who they employ in the first place.

    The old adage “prevention is better than cure” has never been more appropriate. Dealing with misconduct once it has occurred can be fraught with difficulty, as this case highlights. It is much easier to try to create a workplace where misconduct is unlikely to occur.

    RightPeople has a range of psychometric tests designed to identify people who are most and least likely to engage in unethical and illegal behaviour within organisations. These tests look at attitudes, behaviours and other risk factors associated with wrongdoing. It’s called the Risk Management Profile (RMP). Specifically, the RMP identifies integrity, honesty, poor impulse control, stress tolerance and conscientiousness. Used in combination with our personality inventory it can be an invaluable tool for safeguarding your workplace against fraud and misconduct.
    Ian Cambridge: was a joint national secretary of the Australian Workers Union when he discovered an AWU state secretary Bruce Wilson had been siphoning off $400,000.

    Cambridge also learned Wilson’s girlfriend, Julia Gillard, had done legal work for Wilson and the AWU as a partner of Slater and Gordon.
    who is this Ian Cambridge: is he the same guy at the unions who wrote an afidavit...

  9. Guys what I can not comprehend is that Gillard made the "Dark Cloud/Line Crossed" address prior the last sitting of parliament before the Carbon Tax was commenced.

    Under the standards she applied to Slipper & Thomson, she herself should have resigned from the ALP & stepped down from the Prime Ministership.

    Yet, the opposition, with full historic knowledge, of the facts (Vic Hansard etc.) let the last sitting run.

  10. For those who haven't seen it, Quadrant magazine have transcribed Alan Jones' interview with Michael Smith. If you Google Quandrant Michael Smith it will come up.

    Michael will be speaking at the CATA Rally on 22 August 2012 at 12:00 noon in Canberra. It'll be worth the price of a bus ticket/petrol just to hear what he has to say and knowing he has proof to back him up.

    I wonder how Ms Gillard will feel, knowing he's talking about her past on the lawns of Parliament House? Will she run out and try to gag him before he tells all?

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