China Has low emissions, Mr Combet?

Greg Combet on Channel 10's Meet the Press (Link):

....the massive expansion of aluminium smelting in China, and the fact that aluminium companies are moving their smelting operations to countries where there are very low emissions, electricity sources, gas and renewable energy resources in particular.

That's funny Greg!   China are opening new coal fired power stations every week and surely you don't believe that China have low emissions.


  1. Bill Koutalianos3 July 2012 at 16:54

    Quoting misleading China statistics has become a political comedy, which is destined to end in tragedy. Greg Combet is obviously making reference to the 3 gorges dam, without actually saying so. It's like Gillard getting up on national television (Q&A 14.03.11) with a straight face, to say that China was closing down its dirty old coal fired stations at the rate of one or two a week, full stop, failing to mention that the Chinese were building one or two new and bigger coal fired power stations every week.
    Garnaut on Lateline last night was repeating the same mantra we've heard so often from all sides of politics, that China was investing heavily in renewables. The Chinese see value in subsidizing their solar PV manufacturers, not because they produce electricity or reduce emissions, but because they see export dollars, exporting virtually all of their PV panels to silly people like us. Silly governments like ours which are apparently on an economic suicide mission further subsidize these panels, helping to create green jobs in China, whilst pushing up Australian electricity prices, driving up our national debt and further crippling our economy.
    The tragedy is set to continue, because the RET remains bipartisan policy and almost all Australians will effectively vote for this charade to continue at the next Federal election.


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