Tim Ball on OSU and Nicholas Drapela

Professor Nicholas Drapela
Previously, NCTCS blog posted a letter from Dr Gordon Fulks under the heading - Sacked Without Sense (link) about the dismissal by Oregon State University of Professor Nick Drapela.

Tom Harris of the International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC) has posted the following interview with Climatologist Tim Ball  talking of this matter.

Although he was given no reason, it is widely believed that Professor Drapela was fired because of his scepticism of man made global warming (AGW.)

Dr Ball talks of Professor Drapela's ratings which can be found HERE.

Huffington Post:
Nicholas Drapela, an Oregon State University faculty member and vocal critic of climate change, was fired without explanation from his job, KVAL reports.
On May 29, Drapela received a call in his office from the department chair, who read him a prepared statement and informed Drapela that he would need to return his office key.
The university did not inform Drapela why he was being fired. His requests for such an explanation have all been denied, according to The Daily Caller -- raising speculation that we was fired due to his controversial view that climate change is not a man-made phenomenon....