Rio+20: They came, they talked, they failed.

At Rio+20, the push for world governance has had another failure.

According to Barbara Stocking, chief executive of Oxfam (from USNews):
"Rio will go down as the hoax summit. They came, they talked, but they failed to act,"
From China Post:
“Rio+20 has been a failure of epic proportions,” said Greenpeace's executive director, Kumi Naidoo.
And the Sydney Morning Herald:
The meeting was never intended to reach a binding agreement, but the deal it did reach was so watered down that many activists and some ministers were openly questioning whether it was worth the massive effort of bringing 45,381 participants and almost 100 world leaders to Brazil.
The agreement committed to develop the new sustainable development goals for both developed and developing countries, but did not specify what themes they should cover.
For all the blustering about how they are doing all this for the developing world, the African Farmers are not convinced.
FANRPAN(Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network) chair Sindiso Ngwenya of Zambia gave an incisive presentation, pointing out that agriculture is the key to reducing poverty and ensuring food security in Africa. “We call upon the world to assist us,” he said, “not by treating us as beggars, but by treating us as equals.”
Ngwenya criticised many First World attempts to use climate change, biodiversity and sustainable development arguments to prevent African agriculture from advancing. “If you are using implements that were there before Christ, how much chance do you have?” he wanted to know.

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  1. you climate “sceptics” are simply a laugh, just because you know its your fault global warming is happenning, you deny it exists, typically human, typically stupid, there so much scientific evidence (true stuff not the crap you talk about) that climate change is happenning so will you play a new record admit your wrong and listen to the big boys telling scientific truth instead of your kids shit ?

    1. Deal with your own carbon footprint Matt before you spit vitterol on other peoples beliefs. Your unhinged commentry shows immaturity in a debate that is clearly not settled. What has clouded peoples opinions are wild predictions designed to frighten people that have not come true. There have been too many lies which has created a distrust of the scientific community.
      The real truth is that humans cannot control the climate; the lie is the belief that a tax can.

  2. wow this site is just another example of how humanity is willing to make itself extinct. you climate skeptics are the biggest bunch of laughs that have ever existed in the long history of mankind. Just because you cant handle the truth doesn't mean you should drag others down with you and start coming up with ways to counter scientists claims.

    1. As you say, humanity (at least some sections of it) is willing to make itself extinct.

      The whole purpose of the climate hoax is to reduce humanity.

      And their call to reducing vital-to-life CO2, would reduce biomass, therefore reduce food supplies and lead to starvation

      I hope that you, stangely tagged yum-yum, can handle the truth.


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