Monday, 11 June 2012

Rio Freezes - the AL Gore Effect

Poor Cow!
Image: Metsul Meteorologia
Steven Goddard notes a report from Metsul Meteorologia of record cold south of the Rio Grande in an item titled

The Al Gore effect is working.

Everytime the IPCC alarmists and hoaxers rev up their CO2 spewing jets and head to sunny climes, cold descends on their vacation venue.

It happened in Copenhagen, Cancun and again at Durban. I

Brazil is cooling down in anticipation of AL Gore's steamy blustering.

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  1. C'mon! This is NOT Rio DE JANEIRO at all. It's Rio Grande do Sul, extreme South of Brazil.

    Here, we have regular four seasons, and in the mountains every year it goes below zero Celsius.



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