Quotes of the Week

WInd warming the planet:
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Alan Caruba wins the gold medal for the quote of the week; Australia Green Adam Bandt the raspberry of the week.

First, Alan:
Some thoughts on the futility of wind power. The Sierra Club says next Friday is "Global Wind Day." The Greens are all about global this and that, but mostly the global power to control everyone's life.
He was writing on Facebook re his column on his Warning Signs: Only if the Wind is Blowing
I’ll bet you didn’t know that June 15th is Global Wind Day. Wind is part of the Earth’s atmosphere and, depending on whether it is blowing gently or strongly, there isn’t a darn thing anyone can do about it. Except for measuring its velocity and direction, wind like clouds remains largely a mystery to meteorologists.

Not so for the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Control, the people who brought you the global warming hoax, asserting that carbon dioxide, a gas on which all vegetation depends, was raising the global temperature—largely as the result of burning coal and oil as sources of energy. 
After mentioning  that the Earth has been in a cooling cycle since 1998, Alan then discusses the "fool's dream" of wind and solar energy.
Only an idiot would want to be dependent on wind or solar to provide a reliable source of electricity.
Read Alan's column HERE.  Take special note of his closing paragraph on Rio+20.
"......Rio+20 Earth Summit (that) is self-described as “the 'institutional framework for sustainable development'; a system of global governance” aimed at achieving the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel’s plan to control the world’s “social, environmental, and economic” policies."
 When interviewed on Meet the Press Australian TV on Sunday, Greens Adam Bandt  said:

If you ask most people in the street ‘what do the Greens stand for?’ then compared with, say, the Democrats or compared with, even, any of the other parties around at the moment, we are the one who people would know what we stand for.
No, Adam! People in the street are aware of what the Green movement was created for, they are not aware what it has morphed into!

People in the street are not aware that the Greens stand against Australian sovereignty and for the communist ideal of global governance.