Ocean Warming? It's an inside job!

Ice Age Now reports that the European Space Agency's CryoSat has discovered, perhaps,10,000 previously unchartered undersea volcanoes. From CryoSat goes to sea:
28 May 2012
CryoSat was launched in 2010 to measure sea-ice thickness in the Arctic, but data from the Earth-observing satellite have also been exploited for other studies. High-resolution mapping of the topography of the ocean floor is now being added to the ice mission’s repertoire.

The main objective of the polar-orbiting CryoSat is to measure the thickness of polar sea ice and monitor changes in the ice sheets that blanket Greenland and Antarctica.

But the satellite’s radar altimeter is not only able to detect tiny variations in the height of the ice but it can also measure sea level.
The topography of the ocean surface mimics the rises and dips of the ocean floor due to the gravitational pull. Areas of greater mass, such as underwater mountains, have a stronger pull, attracting more water and producing a minor increase in ocean-surface height.
Therefore, instruments that measure sea-surface height incidentally map the ocean floor in previously uncharted areas. 
We know more about the surfaces of Venus and Mars than we do about the bathymetry of deep oceans,” said David Sandwell from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in the US.
“This new mapping from CryoSat will revolutionise our understanding of ocean floor tectonics and reveal, perhaps, 10 000 previously uncharted undersea volcanoes.”

Perhaps some of the ocean warming can be attributed to these volcanoes.... 


  1. Yes, but "Iceage Now" has been describing these events, with reports going back at least as far as 2002. http://www.iceagenow.com/Ocean_Warming.htm

    Of course the "establishment" would wish to portray these reports as meaningless, and indeed has gone as far as to claim that they are untrue. George Monbiot, the part-time geologist and "geen campaigner" went after accredited geologist Ian Plimer when he dared to say that there were thousands of underwater volcanoes, even pursuing him to Australia.

    Harassed Plimer was bewildered by this attack, and failed to put across his case on National TV. This incident was then used to unfairly blacken Plimer's reputation, and then warmists made ad hominem attacks against the rest of his work, and indeed colleagues.

    ... "Plimer is bad, therefore everything he says is bad." This is a well known error of logic, and used deliberately and cynically here, to besmirch a whole area of climate and geological debate.

    Now as it turns out, Plimer WAS CORRECT. Are you reading this Mr. Monbiot? Will you apologise to Dr. Plimer? Can you eat humble pie?

    View hundreds of videos about the fraudulent climate attacks on the army of light and truth, at the website linked to the name "Axel", above.

    ! The Fraudulent Climate of Hokum Science !
    where hokum science is exposed as fraudulent.

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