New Record Antarctic Ice Coverage

Despite what you are told by the Alarmist proagandists, Antarctic Ice is not lessening but in fact increasing. There is a new peer reviewed paper by three Australian scientists published in Climate Dynamics 38: 57-73 reported by CO2 Science.

The authors say that in the Southern Hemisphere there has been a modest increasing trend in sea ice extent (SIE) around Antarctica over the era of satellite coverage, citing the studies of Watkins and Simmonds (2000), Zwally et al. (2002), Parkinson (2004), Turner et al. (2007) and Comiso and Nishio (2008).

What it means
Noting that "southern sea ice has shown modest increases and established new record ice coverage in the summer of 2008 by a wide margin," Pezza et al. conclude their study by rhetorically wondering how this "peculiar behavior" meshes with the theory of currently-unprecedented anthropogenic-CO2-induced global warming.

Pezza, A.B., Rashid, H.A. and Simmonds, I. 2012. Climate links and recent extremes in Antarctic sea ice, high-latitude cyclones, Southern Annular Mode and ENSO. Climate Dynamics 38: 57-73.

Read  more at  CO2 Science.


  1. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  2. I think I would have to have an antarctica trip to see it for myself.


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