It's the Sun, stupid!

Dr Giora Shaviv
From San Diego Jewish World

Danny bloom writes:
As the climate wars heat up, the language is going to heat up too, and we must all be on guard against twisting the words of our opponents into false accusations.
Danny had previously written about man-made global warming and Dr Giora Shaviv approached him to say that he was "barking up the wrong tree"
Although Dr Shaviv and I don’t see eye to eye on this, I wanted to find out more about his ideas and climate views, after reading this opening lines of the London story: “A leading Israeli scientist has renounced the concept of man-made global warming at a lecture given to the British Technion Society, just days before world leaders meet to discuss ways to halt it. Professor Giora Shaviv professor of physics at the Technion, claimed that the accepted level of carbon dioxide in the air is wildly exaggerated.  
”Dr Shaviv said that though for years the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has claimed that an increase in carbon dioxide has led to an increase in temperature, in fact, the reverse is correct. He argued that the movement of the sun affects temperature, which influences the levels of carbon dioxide, and that these levels have risen and fallen for centuries, even before mankind.”
An interchange of emails followed and, Danny Bloom asked Dr Shaviv what he thought  about global warming.
”Dear Danny,” Professor Shaviv wrote to me, “I did not deny the possibility of global warming in that 2009 article you read online. I argue that
a) If at all, it is not man made,
b) It is due to solar activity
c) The effect is much smaller than claimed, and
 d) It is periodic and warming and cooling happened in the past before the industrial revolution and when there were no humans around.

(h/t Marc Morano) See also GWPF.


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