IPCC - one of the greatest perpetrators of the fraud

Shannon L. Goessling, Executive Director of www.Southernlegal.org 
talks to the PolitiChicks and they expose the (man-made) global warming hoax.

Some quotes:

If we all disregard the scientists that say the end is near, we will all be better off

Since 1998 it’s been getting cooler

Since 1998 carbon dioxide has increased worldwide, and the temperatures have gotten cooler, so is the theory wrong and the models wrong? YES!

When your real world observations contradict your theory and your models, you have to go with your real world observations.

Al Gore’s campaign was successful, but now the American (and the world’s - ed) people get it..

It’s all about grant money

The IPCC is one of the greatest perpetrators of the fraud

Yet again the United Nations trying to control the world


  1. This is exactly what the global warming/climate change situation needs: prime time exposure.
    Let this lady & a top sceptic scientist debate with Al Gore & NASA's Hansen. It'd make great viewing, the advertisers would love it. I'll bet right now that Gore & Hansen will run a mile.
    Even the news that they had declined to debate would help bring the scam into the open.


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