Global Warming changes the taste of food!

Is your curry getting too hot for you? Does your salad go limp under the hot blazing sun? It is global warming. Well, in fact it is man made global warming (AGW).

Earth Island Journal reports

Whether He (restrauteur Thomas Keller) Likes It or Not, Global Warming Is Changing the Taste of Food.

“With the relatively small number of people I feed, is it really my responsibility to worry about carbon footprint?” Mr. Keller said. “The world’s governments should be worrying about carbon footprint.”

The words for Earth Island Journal are by a Mr Corey-Moran. He goes on to mention coffee growers in Uganda. That's right, Uganda. Should a coffee grower in Uganda worry that his plants are growing better because of increasing atmospheric CO2. Or should he be more worried about the fact that the United Nations IPCC want to restrict wealth giving cheap energy?

Ben Corey-Moran is the president of Thanksgiving Coffee and serves on the Advisory Council of The Resilience Fund.

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