Charges against Australian Government.

Power Pole after carbon tax changes warming?
The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (Ipart) has approved average electricity price rises of 18.1 per cent from July 1, when the carbon tax comes into effect.

A few of the areas hit by this (shocking)  price rise are
  • Household lighting, heating and cooking
  • Retailers lighting and refrigeration
  • Food Producers costs of production
  • Manuufacturers costs
  • Importers cost 
The rise in electricity prices has tentacles reaching across all areas.

 Opposition leader Tony Abbott says that it shows the need for the federal government to dump the carbon tax.

Although Climate Change Minister Greg Combet is gloating that "'The electricity price rise in NSW that is attributable to the introduction of the carbon price is exactly what the Treasury forecast - approximately $3.30 a week, averaged across households,'' Senior policy officer at the Public Interest Advocacy Centre, Carolyn Hodge said: ''Households face average increases of between $208 and $427 per year. ''Large price increases have become a regular feature of the energy market, outstripping increases to traditional energy rebates or emergency assistance schemes.''

Tony Abbott says that it shows the need for the federal government to dump the carbon tax.

And what did Ms Gillard Promise?


  1. There will be no government under the carbon tax I lead.Her political career is dead anything she does is just vandalism from here on.

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