Canada's Rationale for CO2 Tax Failing

The Vancouver Sun, with an item by Frank Hilliard reports that the rationale for a carbon (dioxide) tax is failing.
Today, there is a new orthodoxy that says the Earth is at a tipping point and man-made carbon emissions are going to raise the temperature dramatically. Scientists who argue against it are derided, defunded and described as "deniers."
Well, I have some good news: The tide of scientific opinion is changing and is about to swamp the proponents of Anthropogenic Global Warming.

Explaining that the rationale for imposing the tax is based on the flawed IPCC's 2007 report. He goes on to talk about the Canadian connection in exposing the flaws in the report.

This blog has mentioned many times mentioned the work done by mining consultant Steve McIntyre and economist Ross McKitrick in discrediting the MBH98 Hockey Stick. See eg HERE. Hilliard writes that McIntyre and McKitrick "started analyzing the same data Mann used and found much of it extremely dubious."
Hilliard then goes on to examine the contribution of the "third skeptical Canadian was Toronto researcher Donna Laframboise..."
who began a lengthy study, not of the climate, but of the IPCC, the organization that claimed to represent thou-sands of top-ranking climate scientists. What she found was that many of the authors of the report it produced were graduate students, environmental activists and gender appointees (I'm not kidding), most of whom had a very large axe to grind and very little interest in the scientific method.
Donna Lafromboise will tour Australia next month - details are from the IPA here:

Frank Hilliard is writing of the carbon (dioxide) tax in British Columbia. His article is even more relevant to Australia. He concludes:
The sooner the provincial (and the Australian) government puts aside this dogma and embraces a more scientific under-standing of the global climate, the sooner it can abolish the carbon tax and get on with developing this province, the job it was elected to do.