Thursday, 3 May 2012

To be - or not to be - a Denier.

Alarmist looking for the "climate" truth.
I have had a recent exchange with some-one whom I call a real denier. I said that I believed in climate change and that climate had always changed and this real denier said that climate had not changed until man started emitting fossil fuel emission.

In my opinion, this real denier is the true denier. (Or perhaps a fossil fool!)

I believe that we have to turn the term DENIER (not the stocking measurement) around and put it on the Alarmists.

Piers Akerman did it in his piece entitled  Truth sends icy chill up scaremongering spines
However, any informed school student not totally brainwashed by the Green movement would know that carbon dioxide is not a pollutant and that it is, in fact, essential for plant life, which in turn supports animal and insect life on this planet.
The carbon dioxide which the Gillard government is going to tax from July 1 is therefore essential for all life.
In insisting CO2 is a pollutant, Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Climate Minister Greg Combet reveal themselves as deniers.

When Jonathan Overpeck said to Oklahoma University's Dr David Deming, before MBH98 (ie before the fraudulent hockeystick) that, to scare the pants off the populace, they had to get rid of the Medieval Warming, that showed the true intention of the Alarmists.

Lie and scare - don't worry about the science.

Lie about anything to get the message across.

So, whenever they present the disgraced "hockey stick graph,"  they are denying (or pretending to deny) the scientific reality of the Medieval Warm Period (MWP) and the Little Ice Age (LIA).

So, really, who are the deniers?

When Al Gore, in his fraudulent movie - "An Inconvenient Truth" (actually at least nine inconvenient untruths) presents the Ice core graphs and  yet presents them so that they are not shown together -  one is above the other - he is not showing the truth. He is pretending that the rise in atmospheric CO2 forces a rise in temperature.

Scientists agree that temperatures rise BEFORE the rise in atmospheric CO2 with a lag of 800 years or so..

Gore must have know that the reverse was true but he DENIED the truth.

Our mission, should we accept it (and we must), is to show the world that the Alarmists are the TRUE deniers.

In the meantime, we should always be suspicious of what is presented to us.

Or, to rephrase, we should always be sceptical of what is presented to us.

Scepticism is a good, positive, scientific, reasonable quality.

Alarmism is a bad, negative, unscientific, unreasonable quality.

The NO CARBON TAX climate sceptics are proud to be sceptics and are glad that we present the truth - not the fraudulent science of the true DENIERS - the ClimateGate CRU, the IPCC, The CSIRO, The BoM, The Green Gillard Government and the other Alarmists.

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  1. When you view climate alarmism as a faith, a quasi-religion, their behvior makes alot more sense. They believe that humanity is bad so they manipulate data ansd skew results to support their faith. When climate skeptics provide evidence that contradict their beliefs, they simply ingore the evidence and carry on undaunted, like members of any other faith. These people believe that humans are sinners, and sinful behavior is emission of the devil CO2, and they fear their god will bring apocolyptic retribution for their sinful behavior, so all of humanity must stop sinning before we reach an enviornmental tipping point. Its got religion and faith written all over it.


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