The end of the world is nigh...or is it?

Richard Bean

Richard Bean talks to Michael Cathcart on  Alarmist ABC's Radio National about his new play The Heretic. Noni Hazelhurst stars as the Heretic Diane Cassell in the Melbourne Theatre Company production.

Being skeptical is the true philosophy of a scientist…

Climate Scientists need to do more recording and observation rather than climate modeling – all the scary alarmism that we’ve experienced in the last thirty years when the climate modellers – computer modellers – decided we were going to get hot –ten years before that they decided than we were going to freeze over of course – all those predictions have been based on computer models and every computer model has been shown to be incorrect so far…

When I was trained at university in science there was a hypothesis and a null hypothesis and if your hypothesis that you wrote down and then you did your experiment – if that wasn’t proven it was a null hypothesis – and CO2 is causing all the dangerous warming is still a null hypothesis

The hypothesis that man made CO2 emissions are causing runaway warming (AGW) is actually a falsified hypothesis.