Climate Control

I  can buy a new vehicle with Climate Control.

Googling the words Climate Control gives me results for cars from $20,000 to $500,000.

Can some-one please tell me why we have spent research billions around the world in the false illusion that the world can get  Climate Control?

Will the Green Gillard Government's tax on carbon dioxide give us Climate Control?



  1. Geoff,

    Is it not interesting how the (C)AGW camp insert as many adjectives as possible into many of their claims and assertions?

  2. G'day Dave,

    A US astrophysicist recently wrote:

    "We are witnessing evolution in action. As Anthropogenic Global Warming fears have faded, we have seen a rapid succession of replacements that Alarmists keep inventing to try to keep the hysteria alive and therefore the support for their programs to save the planet (and feed their cronies) like 'alternate energy.' "Global Warming" became "Climate Change" became "Climate Disruption" became "Ocean Acidification" and so on. The words have little meaning anymore because there is little reality behind them. The fanatics apparently hope to survive based on the level of noise they make and not their arguments. But people are becoming ever more immune to this tactic and ever more suspicious of the perpetrators.

    'Survival of the fittest' should eventually mean 'Survival of the truth.' But we may never get there as long as governments pour vast sums of money into propaganda and corrupted science. We know that - and more importantly they know that. The reported $70 Billion that has been spent during the Obama years is a powerful incentive to go along, even if people do not believe the rhetoric anymore."


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