Will you change your mind about Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)?

The ABC TV’s Q&A is hosting a live debate on  (man-made?) climate change on Thursday 26th April at their Ultimo studios in Sydney from 7.30pm.

The debate will follow the screening of the new documentary curiously named "I Can Change Your Mind About Climate " featuring former Liberal Senator Nick Minchin and climate action campaigner Anna Rose.

(See also: What the ABC edited out)

Change your mind about climate? As in "I used to think climate was weather but now I know that it is something else."

What they really want to do is change your mind about your thoughts on anthropogenic (or man made) global warming (AGW).

The panel will consist of ex Liberal senator and climate sceptic Nick Minchin, Anna Rose, Mining magnate Clive Palmer and social researcher and writer Rebecca Huntley.

The Weather Makers Re-examined
Cartoons by Josh

Will they also have scientists on both sides of the debate like Bob Carter and Ian Plimer vs Tim (it won't rain again) Flannery and Will Steffen?

There is an on-line survey HERE. Although the first question asks:
What do you think? Do you think that global warming is happening? (Surely they should be asking whether man-made global warming is happening)
 The remaining 15 questions assume that man-made global warming IS happening.

 You can also book to attend the debate -  email QandA (qandaclimate@your.abc.net.au) with the following information:
1)      Your climate survey result (Mine was with the majority - Dismissive)
2)      A phone number
3)      If a federal election for the House of Representatives was held today, which party are you leaning towards?
-          ALP
-          Coalition (Liberal/National)
-          Greens
-          Other (Please specify eg NO CARBON TAX Climate Sceptics)
        4) You may bring a guest. Please provide their NAME and their details for fields 1-3 (survey result, phone number, political leaning).

UPDATE - From Real Science

Perhaps the ABC should take notice of this post on US  media.


  1. I would hope most will find quite a bit of useful info, written understandably, in regards of most AGW science "issues" at,

    Some helpful similes to help put "things" into perspective.

    Err, although useful, and written hopefully understandably, you might find yourself becoming a climate science radical, not merely just a bit skeptical...

  2. Yes, I did that silly survey, and found it hard to answer when it assumed things that I didn't believe at all. It showed just how to skew the data even when giving many options. Another recent survey was just like it - one on more childcare money. It assumed that I agreed with the premise. Very hard to answer accurately, when all of the options are not even presented. Disgusting!

    1. Yes, disgusting ! It's the same all the time from our Federal Government --- endless statements trying to convince us that "climate Change is real". Anyone who thinks it's not real must be stupid in the extreme. Long-term the climate is always changing and always has been changing (no, I am not referring to the weather). As we all know, ages ago Australia's climate was completely different. So until our politicians are specific and to the point in such matters, we must nail their stupid questions down. The question should be something like -- "Do you believe that any dangerous or permanent changes have occurred in world-wide climatein the last 100 years ?. If your answer is No, do not answer further questions. If your answer is Yes --- To what extent do you believe that these changes have been caused by human activity ? " (Scale of 1 to 10.


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