Is the science settled?

After last night's programme - I Can Change Your Mind About Climate -previously discussed in these pages under the heading

Will you change your mind about Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)?

the UK Guardian published a column "TV show giving voice to climate sceptics is skewing evidence, scientists say." Are these the scientists who have been fudging the data, the scientists who are trying to hide the decline? 

The sub heading for the Guardian says "Australian documentary gives 'misleading impression that the debate on the science of climate change is not settled."'

If the science is settled, let's stop funding the alarmist scientists. 

People like the husband and wife scientists Jo Nova and David Evans are dismissed by the Guardian as "an influential climate sceptic blogger and her husband, former carbon modeller, David Evans..." Jo's influential blog can be found HERE and David Evans, to the best of my knowledge, is still climate modelling and has more degrees than I have had hot breakfasts this year.

Professor of Astrophysics at the University of NSW, Michael Ashley is quoted as saying: "People watch a programme like this and they think there's a scientific debate. It's a lose, lose situation for climate scientists." 

The trouble is all the alarmist scientists are afraid to have a debate. Last night's programme should have had a debate between the alarmist scientists and some sceptical scientists like Tim Ball, Richard Lindzen, Bob Carter, Ian Plimer.

The Guardian also mistakenly says "Australians are the biggest carbon polluters per head of population in the developed world..." Australia is not the biggest per head emitter of carbon (dioxide) and more importantly, carbon dioxide is a vital-to-life gas and is NOT pollution.