Craig Thomson to move to the cross benches - the stench remains.

Craig Thomson at work.
Had a late night on the job, Craig?

80% of the people think that  the stench will remain for Labor as Thomson moves to the cross-benches, whilst 90% of the people are calling for a new election. See polls below.) Meanwhile Michelle Grattan says that JULIA Gillard should consider falling on her sword for the good of the Labor Party.

Sky News reports:

Craig Thomson to quit Labor.

Sky News sources report that embattled MP Craig Thomson will today announce he's quitting Labor and will sit on the cross bench as an independent in parliament.
Mr Thomson will hold a news conference announce the move outside his electorate office in Tuggerah on the NSW central coast at midday (AEST).


If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, but only as far as the walk-in pantry, where you can still yell out your vote into the kitchen.

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